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Why success doesn’t equal wealth

Let’s be honest: money is taboo. Well, to be more accurate, talking about money is taboo. Even though our world is “built” on it. Even though everybody has it, needs it, wants it, loses it. There’s a tremendous amount of shame and embarrassment that comes into play whenever anyone starts talking about their specific money situation. And that’s a big problem. Because you’ll never be able to work through whatever’s holding you back from building your wealth if you don’t start getting specific – and honest – about your finances. Like, if you’re massively behind on taxes, or you feel like the financial advice you’re getting is somehow not quite right, how do you figure out what to do? How do you even know that you’ve got a problem? Or, in the case of tax debt, how would you ever find out that you aren’t alone and that there are clear and proven steps you can take to tackle it and come out on top? What’s actually talked about – online or in polite society – is just the very tip of the iceberg. It’s nothing like the truth about money. And it’s definitely not giving you the whole story about what people are going through or what they’ve had to do to get to where they are today. I didn’t start to see significant changes in my ability to build wealth until I took this “eyes wide open” approach to my finances and was able to get clarity about what I needed to do to move past my roadblocks. After that, my life got a whole lot easier. I felt more confident in my decisions. I didn’t feel embarrassed talking about my increasing wealth or my prior struggles with money. It was almost like going through therapy. The truth will set you free, Brandon PS – Whether you’re looking for more clarity around systems, wondering how to choose the right people to add to your financial team, or hoping to avoid running into tax trouble down the road, The Alchemy of Money will help you move forward with confidence and put an end to all of that secrecy, shame, and guilt.

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