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Real Estate Entrepreneur Summer Reading List – Alchemy of Money

Looking for a summer reading list? Here is a list of my recommendations from my last few months of reading:

If you’re looking for a soulful piece of work, I suggest this book. It’s not short, coming in at nearly 500 pages though it is filled with short, reflective stories. The introduction instructs the reader to ask some deep questions about who they are being, which is an interesting question. Hang on for the ride; it deep dives from there.

If you’re wondering how to use life insurance as a wealth-building vehicle, Caleb’s short, digestible read is a good place to start. I interviewed Caleb for Alchemy of Money and found him compelling and authentic. He’s more than a life insurance guy. He has some foundational thoughts on wealth building overall that are smart and insightful.

A new author, Brenda Small, wrote a dynamic 30-day guide to creating a better version of yourself. This short read is insightful. Her take on how to grow and how to love yourself is rooted in what I call practical spirituality. This is a great day-at-the-beach read.

Scott Jeffrey Miller, the host of Franklin Covey’s On Leadership Podcast, recently released the first of 10 volumes of short, transformational ideas from leaders around the world. I find it hard to find something new and interesting in the leadership genre, though I like his material because leaders of today are contextualizing timeless leadership messages into timely topics. As an aside, I love the 30-40 minute interviews on his podcast, a great alternative if you prefer that medium.

Steve Jobs said the most influential people in the world are great storytellers. Easy to say, much more difficult to do. If you’re looking to boost your presentation skills and be a better storyteller, pick up Nancy’s book from the Harvard Business Review Press. Instructive, funny, and tactically useful, you can implement her suggestions immediately. I particularly like her section on turning words into diagrams.

CEO of AT&T Business, Anne Chow knows a thing or two about managing people. That comes through loud and clear in her book about how to create connection and high-performance teams, all while becoming aware of and reframing our unconscious bias. Whether you’re in sales, in leadership, or just want to increase your emotional intelligence, you’ll appreciate how neuroscience is helping us understand human behavior in new and insightful ways.

Do you have a girl in middle school? Consider picking up Christine’s new book, a perfect conversation started for middle-grade girls longing to know they are worthy just as they are. It’s a great resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers who are supporting today’s tweens. I know Christine, and I am proud of her first-time authorship. I have a niece entering this age group, so I’m excited to have this resource available.

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