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Transforming Your Finances,


/ˈælkəmi/ noun. A seemingly magical process of transformation or creation. 

The process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.

This Is How We Started


Brandon Green becomes a licensed Realtor. Shortly after he's named Rookie of the Year and then Top 30 Under 30.


Brandon launches Keller Williams Capital Properties, which in just a few years becomes one of the top brokerages in America.


Despite Brandon's sales success, he sinks into tax debt, facing very difficult choices, until he finally decides to take responsibility for his finances.


Seeing a major education gap, Brandon starts training real estate agents across America on financials and wealth-building.


Brandon and his team launch Alchemy of Money, offering bespoke bookkeeping, tax and financial services to real estate agents.

Brandon Green, Founder, Alchemy of Money

Brandon Green was born in southwest Wyoming, grew up in Iowa, and in 1999 moved to Washington DC, with no money, no prospects, and no college degree. Luckily, he had a knack for sales and went into real estate in 2001.


Today he's an award-winning entrepreneur and investor, best known for co-founding Keller Williams Capital Properties, which was named Best Employer by the Washington Post and grew to be among the top .2% of brokerages nationwide under his leadership.


In 2022 Brandon launched his newest venture, Alchemy of Money, Inc, a tech-enabled financial services company, designed by real estate entrepreneurs for real estate entrepreneurs. The firm provides bookkeeping, tax strategy and filing, fractional CFO services, financial coaching, and investments.


Brandon and his team are committed to helping real estate entrepreneurs reach financial freedom quicker and with more ease. You can often find him on stage teaching classes and delivering keynotes to entrepreneurs around the world.

Alchemy of Money is the ultimate financial service firm, specifically built for real estate entrepreneurs. (Think: accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and investment opportunities, all specifically designed for our industry.)


You need professionals who understand your business and the way you operate. That's why Alchemy of Money was created: a one-stop-shop financial services company that makes it easier than ever for real estate entrepreneurs to know their numbers, lead proactively, increase profit, and save more on taxes.


In addition to hands-on financial services, Alchemy of Money also offers our members financial coaching, and unlimited access to our on-demand library of wealth-building resources and leadership training videos.

Alchemy of Money members, real estate agents at financial training event

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