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Coaching & CFO Services

Wealth building looks and feels different for everyone, so we do not use a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Our personalized coaching will help you grow your profitability and net worth. Based on years of failing forward, and the resulting expertise, Brandon Green has designed a coaching program that will help you get out of overwhelm, identify your blindspots, and get into action by using a step-by-step process to build sustainable wealth. No matter where you are in your financial journey, we have a learning experience that can be customized to help you achieve your goals.

On-Demand Coaching Platform

Our on-demand library includes hours of video content, actionable downloads, and access to our monthly Alchemy calls where we discuss various topics. Maybe you’re new to the business, or just want to get up to speed about what you need to know as a business owner to manage your finances on your own time. Quickly maximize your profit and find solutions to obstacles holding you back. Like Netflix but for your business, this monthly access can be canceled any time. 

12-Month Financial Coaching Program

Led by Chief Alchemist Brandon Green, this small group program will help you take financial freedom and turn it from an idea into an achievable reality in 10 steps over 12 months. 

One-to-One Coaching

Imagine a one-on-one monthly coaching call with a Senior Alchemist on our team to help you unlock and achieve your next level! This is perfect for accountability, to work on something specific, such as constructing and following a 5-year wealth-building plan, learning how to read financial reports, creating and following a budget, getting on top of your taxes, or building out financial systems in your business. 

Market Center Training

Coming Soon! Combining the very best of MREA with insights from top agents and investors around the world, this curriculum will provide your finance committees with 4 financial modules to be delivered one per quarter. The modules are: Reading and Managing a P&L; Getting and staying ahead of your Taxes; Building a Financial Team; Setting up a budget and developing a wealth-building plan. 

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