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Financial Coaching
for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Wealth building looks and feels different for everyone, so we do not use a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Our personalized coaching will help you grow your profitability and net worth. Based on years of failing forward, and the resulting expertise, Brandon Green has designed a coaching program that will help you get out of overwhelm, identify your blindspots, and get into action by using a step-by-step process to build sustainable wealth.

Transform financial freedom from an idea into an achievable reality

✓  For those ready to take their wealth to the next level


✓  Bi-weekly sessions


✓  A personalized 5-Year Wealth-Building Plan and Net-Worth Tracker


✓  Leverage our curriculum to overcome specific challenges and uncover practical solutions


✓  Gain accountability that only comes with a direct coaching experience


✓  Maximize your profits, move past roadblocks and bolster your bottom line


✓  Continued Access to our On-Demand Coaching Platform, with 30+ hours of video training

Alchemy Coaches follow our industry leading 10-Step coaching formula. Depending on your specific needs, your sessions may cover a combination of the following elements:

Complete your net worth document

To know where you’re going, you first need to know where you are now. Assets minus liabilities is your net worth, but it’s more difficult to actually calculate and document than it seems. Together we will work to define your net worth today and document it using Alchemy’s Net Worth Tracker.

Learn how to decrypt key financial reports

Every business owner needs to have a good understanding of how to read financial reports and interpret the story the data is telling you. Conceptually a P&L and Balance sheet are not that hard to understand, but turning them into useful tools to guide the day-to-day operations of your business is much more complex. We’ll turn reports into tools that are useful.

Tax management plan and systems

Taxes are due quarterly. Easy to say, hard to execute. We’ll work with you to improve your systems so that you can know how much tax you owe each quarter and pay it on time.

Estate planning

Do you have a revocable trust? And irrevocable trust? Do you know the difference or if you should have one? We’ll dive into the details and provide you with the resources necessary to vet a local estate attorney to help you advance your estate planning.

Create and manage a budget

If you’re like most, you’ve avoided this one for a long time. That time stops now as we dive into personal and business budgets and help increase the transparency in your financial activities to guide you in creating more daylight between what you make and what you keep.

Financial Planning, retirement accounts, and investments

IRAs, 401K, your uncle's investment opportunity. Oh my! How do you assess what’s what, what is relevant and accessible to you, and how do you make great decisions? We’ll work on those topics and introduce you to a resource that can take this further if you so choose.

Line up specific next steps and begin executing the details

A plan is just a plan without execution and this is often where things get difficult. Who needs to help you? What resources do you have now and what are you missing? What changes need to be made in your life to advance the plan? We’ll work through these questions and more as we help you start executing the details of your plan.

Define and refine your financial team

You can’t do all of this alone so in this segment we will look at who should be on the team, what expectations you should have of them, of yourself, and how to manage all of that. We’ll also look at how that is relevant in the context of your revenue so you can tackle building and managing your financial team, one step at a time.

Insurance audit

Do you have liability insurance on your business? Chance are you should. And that may be just one of many gaps that are exposing you unnecessarily in your business. Alchemy’s insurance partner will conduct a complimentary insurance audit by reviewing all of your coverage in context with your activities and provide recommendations to better protect you and your loved ones.

Complete your 5-year possibility plan

What is your net worth today, and where do you want it to be in 5 years? Why? What would that do for you? What specific strategies and steps do you need to deploy to increase your chances of success? A dream doesn’t turn into a goal without a plan and the 5-year possibility plan will help you take your financial goals and turn them into something concrete you can begin executing today.

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