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The balance between heart and head

I can’t remember the last time I started the year with so much energy and enthusiasm for the year ahead. And the other day I realized it’s because my heart is leading the way and my intellect is figuring out how to execute my heart’s voice. If that sounds too air fairy for you, think about it. Can you recall when you felt like it was the right decision or direction? That’s the heart voice. The trouble is two-fold. Our heads often squash the heart voice with intellectual point counterpoint debates. Paralyzing us into inaction. And the heart knows which direction to go but can’t do it alone. Your head has to create and execute a plan.

This is why the calibration of your heart and head are required for success.

If you’re like me, the head doesn’t need any more activation. It’s a very busy little critter. Constantly chomping at new ideas and new thought. That’s normal for the head. The heart is more subtle, requires more careful curation, and more attentive self-awareness to access the good stuff.

What are you doing to develop your heart?

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