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State of Mind

How are you really doing?

Are you asking yourself that question in an honest way each week?

Remember, there is no such thing as success or failure – only results. Success or failure is a state of mind, not measurable because it is owned only by the perspective holder (which shifts from person to person), and depends on things like culture and how you think about the world. Alignment (or misalignment) with who you really are is measurable and you can begin paying attention to it now.

The older, wiser part of you – which operates mostly outside of direct awareness for most of us – knows who you really are and where you’re really going. Who you really are is tuned in, connected, enthusiastic, and ready to engage. How do you know when you’re tapped in to that part of you and therefore moving forward with power – and when you’re not?

Your emotions.

Emotions are your indicator of how closely connected you are with you – at any given time. Negative emotions indicate misalignment, and positive emotions indicate you’re closely connected. Though it can be very difficult to choose your first emotion when presented with something that causes you stress, you can choose how you continue to feel – deciding at that very moment how long you’re going to allow yourself to stay in the ditch.

So perhaps a better question is – how are you feeling? I would propose to you that the most important thing of all is how you feel.

Success and happiness is a state of feeling connected. Though sometimes difficult, you can learn to choose how you feel about anything. With the power of choice, you therefore can decide now to feel better about anything which means you can now be the success you want. Notice how you’re feeling right now – after having read this. You’re already closer

Hold on to that.

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