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Gratitude 2.0

The holidays are a time when we reflect on the year with gratitude for all that has happened in our lives. It’s a time when we seem to have a greater sense of perspective, more generosity, and perhaps even a little grace for ourselves.

I believe you can never have too much gratitude, though what if you upgraded your approach to gratitude 2.0.

Try this, be grateful for what you want in your life and business before you even have it. Think about December 2019 and now review in your mind all the wonderful things that came into fruition for you in 2019. Do that now and express your gratitude for that.

I’ll start…

I’m grateful for my new and already very successful business management and impact investment fund. I’m grateful for the success of our new weekly interview series which focuses on leaders and entrepreneurs succeeding in a time of great change. I’m grateful to a whole new group of people I’ve met and impacted as a result of these initiatives. I’m grateful for yet another year of growth for my husband’s staging and design business. I’m grateful for the continued growth of my real estate businesses. I’m grateful my mother-in-law is now in the US safe and sound living nearby. I’m grateful I have hit new fitness goals and I’m healthy. I’m grateful for the amazing trip to France we took with my parents in August, and the two other wonderful trips Christian and I took which continues to strengthen our relationship.

2019 was the best year of my life. Because I made it so in 2018.

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