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What To Do About AI? (Listen up Realtors and Entrepreneurs!)

Recently I attended an event about the transformative impact of AI and how it is going to change the world, even by the end of the summer. The rapid progress left a lasting impression on me and I immediately recognized the applications for my business today.

Feeling compelled to take action, I wanted to share with you 5 actionable steps I’m currently implementing, which you can do too.

Implement a 15-minute weekly technology huddle with your executive team. The fast power session gives you an opportunity to share the technology you are experimenting with and its potential application in your business. We have been conducting these meetings since the beginning of the month and it is helping keep us aware and aligned on technology advancements.

Begin exploring ChatGPT and Google’s version Bard. Set aside 30 minutes, Google a couple of videos, and start using the tools. Personally, I now keep ChatGPT active in my browser as a helpful assistant all day. For example, I wrote this blog but ran it through ChatGPT to improve the voicing.

Choose technology partners that are invested in AI. For example, to run Alchemy, we collaborate with a dozen different technology partners that contribute to our overall system. Some partners are more proactive in their AI integration than others and as time progresses we will prioritize those who are implementing AI.

Choose service providers and team members who have a technology-forward mindset. When I was a kid my Dad was the Director of Technology for the local school district. I distinctly remember him bringing home an Apple IIe computer. I was amazed at the games we could play on it! I also remember him saying the computer was changing the world and teachers who didn’t get on board would have to retire sooner than they thought. He was right. AI is having a similar effect on pushing change today as the Apple IIe computer did in the 1980s. Consequently, companies and employees who don’t embrace it and figure out how to bring it into their workflow will find themselves quickly falling behind.

Don’t panic. Like any new technology, there are a lot of maximalist statements (AI is changing everything by Summer’s end). We know the world is more complicated than that and there is a lot to sort out with this new technology. I don’t advocate complacency but don’t get derailed from your goals either. You’re smart and things tend to work out for you. Stay focused and surround yourself with smart caring people.

By embracing AI and its transformative potential, we can navigate this ever-evolving landscape with confidence and forge a prosperous future with it.

This blog was written by Brandon Green and only very lightly edited by ChatGPT

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