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Entrepreneurs: 6 Questions to Ask When You're Overwhelmed

I've been completely immersed and sometimes overwhelmed the last few weeks.

6 questions I ask myself to stay sharp and on point:

  • What can I do (or avoid) today to build my resilience and strength for the next 7 days? (i.e. go to bed earlier, eat earlier, skip alcohol, make my workout)

  • What is the one thing I can eliminate from my schedule that helps me focus and creates an opportunity for someone else?

  • What is the highest and best use of my energy these next 6 months (I ask this in all the verticals I'm personally involved in)

  • When is my next restoration time, and what needs to happen to book it?

  • Who do I need to engage to help me with this?

  • What am I controlling (or trying to control) that is no longer serving me, and what is required to let go?

Use these. Make them better. Now go create!

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