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Welcome to Q4 – Are you really improving?

Ray Dalio recently tweeted:

“When determining an acceptable rate of improvement for something, it is its level in relation to the rate of change that matters.”

Meaning, if something is getting better, you need to know where it was to begin with and whether the rate of change will get above an acceptable bar in an acceptable amount of time.

This really struck me as I was evaluating our goals to actual results recently. I can say with confidence we are getting better. And I know where we started. But I’m not as certain about the rate of improvement and have not determined an acceptable amount of time for that improvement to reach the standard.

This is definitely goal-setting 2.0, and given we’ve now entered Q4, consider joining me in looking at things you’re working to improve from this perspective. Are you improving at a rate that will move your goal above the line in a timeframe that is acceptable? If not, what are you going to do about it?

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