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The Law of Influence

I’m re-reading John Maxwell’s The 21 Laws of Leadership and Law 2 – The Law of Influence stood out to me this week. As the Market Center grows my leadership must grow and so I spend a lot of time reading about leadership to be more effective and to grow as a leader. You’ve heard the saying – your business grows to the extend you do. I believe our Market Center will grow to the extent each and every one of us grows.

In the Law of Influence Maxwell says Leadership is:

Character – Who They Are. True leadership always begins with the inner person.

Relationships – Who They Know. You’re a leader only if you have followers, and that always requires the development of relationships.

Knowledge – What They Know. Information is vital to a leader. You need a grasp of the facts, an understanding of dynamic factors and timing, and a vision for the future.

Intuition – What They Feel. Leadership requires more than just a command of data. It demands an ability to deal with numerous intangibles.

Experience – Where They’ve Been. The greater the challenges you’ve faced as a leader in the past, the more likely followers are to give you a chance in the preset.

Past Success – What They’ve Done. Nothing speaks to followers like a good track record.

Ability – What They Can Do. The bottom line for followers is what a leader is capable of.

When you raise your leadership, you raise your production. When you raise your production you raise your ability to generate wealth and other opportunities. Everything rises and falls on leadership and so I ask that we all carefully examine the 7 points above and ask, as part of your overall business plan – what’s your personal growth plan? Of the 7 points above where do you need to shore up your abilities? How are you going to do that? Create an action plan.

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