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Quality Experience = Thoughtful Interactions

From frazzled waitstaff to mediocre cuisine, dining out these days isn’t what it used to be. I’m finding that it typically requires an extra helping of patience.

However, in some select cases, it’s actually better!

Case in point: I recently had the pleasure to dine at La Bise, a new French restaurant a few blocks from the White House in DC. After closing during the pandemic, La Bise’s owner pivoted and created a new concept for the restaurant. My experience of it was truly exceptional.

  1. Eye contact. Every person who greeted me made noticeable eye contact that lingered longer than the casual “Hello.” It made me feel warm and welcome. Takeaway action: On zoom, look at the camera, not at your face.

  2. Use of my name. The staff used my name repeatedly throughout the experience, in almost every encounter. Takeaway action: Double the use of your clients’ names in your interactions with them. It’s music to their ears.

  3. Excellent product. Bottom line, the food was very, very good, so it was easy to overlook anything else that wasn’t spot on. Takeaway action: Focus on delivering what you promise. That’s why the customer is there to begin with.

No matter what business you run, how you interact with your customers really matters. People love to feel special, and if you can make them feel that—while also maintaining a high-quality product—they’ll come back again and again.

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