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Everything has a price

If you build a talented team, you’ll build a great company. But the price you pay is that talented people push you, making you realize you actually work for them–an odd realization because you got into business for yourself so you didn’t have to work for anyone.

If you’re focused on long-term investing, you can get wealthy over time. But the price you pay is you constantly feel like you’re missing out on the latest and greatest get rich quick(er) opportunities.

If you have very high standards and execute well, your accomplishments will be viewed as extraordinary. But the price you pay is your standards are never met which can have the effect of taking the joy out of the process.

If you work hard on something for a long period of time because you see what’s possible and are dedicated to it, you will be called a visionary. But the price you pay is pushing people outside of their comfort zones can be ugly, and dealing with those consequences is unpleasant.

My point is everything has a “price” or a trade-off. You can’t avoid it. Life is a mental game. High achievers who are happy realize you must find peace in dissatisfaction and learn to love all of it. My best,


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