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An early Spring Reset

Last weekend I spent 3 hours reviewing my business P&Ls. The truth is, we’re not on goal for 2022. I use a simple 4 step process to help us get back on track. It’s called MOVE and I thought I’d share it with you today.

👉 MOVE to Reality Fast: Look at sales, income, expenses, and profit year to date to see the current situation for what it is. Don’t fool yourself. Don’t make it worse than it is either.

👉 ORIENT Your Position: Where you are today is more relevant if you understand where you are compared to this same period last month and last year. Context makes for better decisions.

👉 VERIFY Necessary Changes: Form your opinions about what needs to happen, but make sure other stakeholders with other points of view weigh in.

👉 EXECUTE the Revised Plan: Assign specific tasks to specific people with specific time frames.

April is a great month to reset if you’re not on target because you still have plenty of time to reestablish your goal trajectory.

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