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Alchemy in Action – Are you Rich? Part II

Thank you to everyone who responded to the question last week, are you rich? Here are some highlights I particularly enjoyed:

  1. I’m rich in that my health hasn’t been sacrificed by the COVID pandemic. Yes, I had a few medical challenges this year but fearlessly faced and conquered them.

  2. I’m rich in that my industry peers seek me out to provide the knowledge they lack to guide them.

  3. I’m rich in that my clients value my opinion so much that they present me with new challenges often, allowing me to research, consider, define, and then guide them towards new results.

  4. I’m rich in that I have a loving family and friends who have managed to find new ways to stay connected in spite of masks, tests, distance, and health concerns.

  5. I’m rich in that I trust advisors to guide me where their expertise is greater than mine, allowing me to focus and develop my areas of strength.

  6. I’m rich because I have all that I need.

  7. I’m rich because I have more than I can reasonably spend and gift.

  8. I’m rich because I feel secure.

  9. I’m rich because I feel safe.

  10. I’m rich because I’m contributing to my future.

  11. I’m rich because I am here.

  12. I’m rich because I am.

Inspiring, thank you. Loving you and wishing you a powerful close to the week.

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