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Why Scott Harris is rising to the top! (20 minutes that will change the way you see your business - featuring Scott Harris of Harris Residential in Manhattan)

Summer is here! So are you going to sit back and see what happens?

Scott Harris of Harris Residential in Manhattan certainly won’t be!

I recently I had an opportunity to interview him and his "3 Commitments" struck me. You’ll hear it throughout our conversation, he commits to Vision, Relationships, and importantly, Activity

Please listen/watch the 20-minute interview:


@5:12: Background

Scott provides an overview of his background, including that he is a residential associate broker at Brown Harris Stevens in Manhattan, leading a team of 9 people. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.

@6:28 Staying Motivated & Focused in a Changing Market

Scott discusses how his team stays motivated and focused, including holding weekly meetings to share what they're grateful for and proud of. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on what they can control, rather than getting distracted by external factors like market conditions.

@9:33 Leveraging Team Structure & Individual Strengths

Scott explains how he encourages his team members to focus on their individual strengths and delegate tasks they don't enjoy. He believes building a team structure allows people to maximize their productivity and impact.

@13:29 Maintaining Passion & Purpose Over Time

Scott shares how he has maintained his passion and sense of purpose over the 20 years he has been in real estate. He emphasizes that real estate is a vehicle for him to help people, which is the core of what drives him.

@23:52 Key Advice for Agents to Finish the Year Strong!

As the year progresses, Scott advises agents to stay focused and active, even as others may be taking their foot off the gas. He encourages them to look for opportunities, be adaptable, and seek accountability through managers or coaches.

Looking to connect with Scott?

• LinkedIn: Scott Harris | / harrisresidential

• Instagram: @harrisresidentialteam

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