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This week at BG Chapter 2 Ventures

Hey Team,

We’re off to Bogotá tomorrow. It’s a long story, though the short of it is we are moving my mother-in-law out of Venezuela into Colombia so she can finish her immigration process when the embassy reopens. It’s one of those make it work moments in life…

Ask: Does anyone have any contacts in Bogotá? It would be great to have some additional contacts in the city in the event she needs some assistance after we fly back to DC.

On the business front two important developments:

I’m excited to say we have only 5 spots left for the 12-week wealth building intensive which starts Monday the 22nd at 4pm EST. The goal: execute a high-value 12-week program and co-create with the participants so we can make it even better for the next cohort. Who do you know who would like one of the 5 tickets? Sign up here.

I’m hiring! Check out my new Chief of Staff opening. Who do you know who might be a fit for it? I’ve interviewed some pretty compelling candidates this week, and if you know of anyone who might be interested, please let me know. I’ll give your referrals priority. Also, if you’re hiring for anything similar, let me know because it looks like I’m going to end up with more talent than I have positions for right now. I’d love to share the resumes with you.

Be well. And be grateful.


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