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Out of Touch? What to do?

I recently found this article to be very interesting about aristocrats being out of touch with the realities of economic inequality. I’m willing to say that just by being an aristocrat you’re out of touch. The article does bring up some very good questions about what it might take to reduce the spread between the haves and have nots.

I offer three things for consideration.

  1. Diminishing the experience of either side does not work. A significant number of super-wealthy are also super generous and demonizing them for their financial success, or the success of previous generations of their family does no good in helping bridge the resources gap. On the other hand, making stereotypical assumptions about the other side of the economic ladder doesn’t help either. There is an infinite number of reasons someone may be in a position to be struggling financially – don’t assume anything.

  2. I do believe education plays a very important part in closing the gap, though so does willingness. We can’t teach willingness, however, I believe in some people it can inspire to grow. So in addition to reaching and expanding the intellect of our fellow citizens, we must also expand messages that truly inspire people to activate within themselves the ability to move forward.

  3. We must also recognize this playing field is not level across the globe and the issues in the US are different than say, the issues in Venezuela. That means upliftment and initiatives to improve economic success must be very local, customized to deal with the dynamics that are playing out on the ground in the microenvironment.

All of this can seem quite overwhelming for anyone interested in helping, and so I’ll offer this. Do not underestimate kind gestures, simple acts of goodwill and generosity. While one small act or a simple conversation may not change the world, any of them could.

What are your thoughts? How do we address this issue and bridge the gap more effectively?

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