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Should you sweat the small stuff?

Do you ever struggle with execution?

Have great ideas but something gets in the way of you actually implementing?

This could be the antidote you’ve been looking for:

In 1997, Richard Carlson, Ph.D. wrote a little book that went on to become a bestseller and today is a cliché: “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”.

He argues that everything is the small stuff and gives you some thoughts about how to avoid little things from taking over your life. I love the concept.

Except, sometimes it is the small stuff left unaddressed that keeps us from having or experiencing the big stuff we really want.

Recently, I was speaking with a prospective Alchemy of Money member, and she hasn’t had financial reports for a couple of years.

I asked why, and she admitted that she needed to call the bank and get her login reset to get access to the data again.

Small stuff: call the bank. Big stuff: no financial reports/lost opportunities.

Consider everything big starts with something very small. This can be a wonderful antidote to being overwhelmed to execute.

The catch is the small stuff needs to be connected sequentially to the bigger picture/stuff, or you’ll find it’s all small stuff indeed.

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