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Seize the Moment: Top 6 Opportunities for Growth and Success in 2024

Last week I made some predictions for this year. (If you missed that post, check it out HERE.) This week I thought I’d highlight 6 big opportunities for you to look at in 2024.

6. Become that social media influencer you always wanted to be!

Many agents pulled back their online presence in 2022 and 2023, which leaves more room for you! While others are trying to rebuild from a couple of very difficult years, you could seize the moment and take market share. If you’re not spending as much as 10% of your revenue on marketing, make room in your budget. What’s holding you back?

5. Buy someone’s business

You can grow organically, and you could also buy a retiring agent’s business. Have you looked into that? Our very own Hank Sorensen wrote a book on that very topic. Check it out HERE.

4. Figure out what your local association actually does, and participate

It’s easy to say NAR needs restructuring or is obsolete, or whatever, but it’s much more difficult to roll up your sleeves to see what it does at the local and national level and more importantly, see how you can help. I was on boards of the local associations for years and I think you might be surprised what the associations actually do. Be part of the conversation that leads to change.

3. Go into leadership

Tired of production, or just want a change? Maybe leadership is for you! There is a dearth of leadership in our industry, so why not raise your hand? One of the biggest positive impacts on my career was when I decided I would step up to the plate and move from production to leadership. It was hard, yes, but so very rewarding. Maybe it’s time you take a look.

2. Hire a virtual assistant

Let’s face it, you could use some help. But maybe can’t afford a full-time employee? 1 (or more) virtual assistants may be the way to bridge that gap to help you focus and be more productive this year.

1.Clean up your financial organization, finally

Ok, so it was messy last year, and maybe you’ve gotten behind with your P&L and/or taxes. Use this year to get back on track. You’ll sleep better at night knowing things are handled. Of course, Alchemy would love to help. Book a call with me here to discuss!

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