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Changing My Mind

What have you changed your mind about recently?

I’ll start.

I used to think I always had to be busy doing something to be productive. Now I realize that’s not true. Sometimes leaving something alone is more productive.

Two examples…

I’m working on my agritourism boutique resort Stoney Creek Farm and there is a lot to be done. I mean, a lot! At the same time the relationships we are building need time and space to develop and too much pressing can have the opposite effect and push people away.

I also see this in my writing. My best ideas come when I’m not writing and not even thinking about what to write.

So I’ve changed my mind about productivity and now see that doing and not doing are both tools in the toolbox and are of equal importance to me.

Do you have “unproductive time” scheduled in your calendar for creativity and recharging? If that thought makes you wildly uncomfortable you’re not alone. I started with just a couple of hours a week.  Believe me – every moment pays dividends for both for business and your mental health!

All my best,


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